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The feedback that you provide through this consultation survey will help us to assess the desire of the community  for the ideas that the SMArt Collective is working toward.

You can complete the survey in a few ways:
1. Complete the online survey below
2. download and print either the .pdf or .docx and complete by hand on a separate page and mail to:

SMArt Collective
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3. download the .docx file, enter your answers directly into the document , and email as an attachment  to
4. download the .pdf file, cut and paste the questions and your responses into an email and send to
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Consultation Survey

Vision: The vision of the Southwest Musicians and Artists Collective is to bring together the resources of the area’s music and art community to create and advocate for shared arts spaces where members can interact and inspire one another; practice, perform, and create; teach, learn, and grow; and secure a reliable local source of supplies and equipment necessary for their work.

Our initial roundtable discussion of December 3, 2016 generated a number of ideas for how this group could function in our community. Below is a list of items that came up as options.

  • Personal studio space for visual art, music teaching, music practice
  • Modular space for teaching music or art to small groups of up to 20 people
  • Fully equipped, shared art workshop spaces (darkroom, woodshop, printmaking, etc)
  • Modular meeting space for organizations
  • Storage space for organizations – equipment and document/archive storage
  • Special-purpose music space (rehearsals, teaching, recording, etc.)
  • Recital or small concert space
  • A specialized retail outlet for music and art supplies
  • Establishment and maintenance of a shared equipment library
  • Acting as a facilitator/artistic director for talent in the Southwest
  • An advocacy group for musicians and visual artists in the Southwest
  • A centre for professional development and education for artists and musicians

To this end, we are reaching out to the music and arts community of Southwest Saskatchewan (you!) to gauge interest in such a venture. Your input is necessary for us to move forward in realising our goals.
What would be your interest in this project? Are you a musician or visual artist? Are you a hobbyist, amateur, student, semi-professional, or professional? Do you teach? Are you a non-practicing artist/musician but enjoy and appreciate the arts?
Advocacy: would you support this group acting as an advocate for music and art on behalf of you as a creator/practicitioner/teacher? Would you allow your name to stand as a supporter of such a group?
Personal Studio Space: Would a personal space to create/teach appeal to you? Why or why not? If yes, what would you like to see included in such a space?
Modular space for teaching group music or art lessons: Would access to this type of shared space appeal to you? Why or why not? If yes, what would you like to see in such a space?
Modular meeting space for organizations: Would any organizations that you are a part of find a common, shared meeting space useful? What would you like to see this space equipped with?
Storage space: Would you or your organization find a secure storage space for equipment, documents, supplies, or archives useful? What would you like to see in such a space?
Shared special-purpose space for music: Would this type of space appeal to you? Why or why not? If yes, what would you like to see in such a space? Some suggestions have been rehearsal space, recording studio space, and group teaching space. Please list any uses that would benefit you, including those that have already been mentioned if applicable.
A small concert/recital space: Could you see a small performance space (for audience sizes of approximately 1 – 50 people) benefitting the music community? The space could be used for local music teachers to hold student recitals, exams, festival performances or for local and small touring acts to stage ‘house concert’ style performances.
A specialized retail outlet: A local source for supplies and equipment that is specific to musicians and artists based on their indicated needs and wants. Would this type of space appeal to you? Why or why not? If yes, what would you like to see available for sale in the store (please be specific e.g. “a broad selection of Golden OPEN acrylic paints in tubes”, “Vic Firth 5A drum sticks and Remo replacement drum heads”, etc.)?
Shared specialized visual arts studio/workshop: Would a fully equipped, shared arts workspace appeal to you? Why or why not? If yes, what sorts of media creation would you like to see in a space such as this? Some suggestions that have arisen include a darkroom, a printmaking studio, a woodshop, a pottery studio, a quiltmaking workshop, and a weaving workshop. Please list any uses that you would benefit from, including those already mentioned if applicable.
Establishment and maintainance of a shared equipment library: The collective would own music equipment and art creation tools that would be available for loan or for “in house” use to members. What sorts of items could you see being useful to yourself that could be included in such a library? Examples could include specific musical instruments, woodworking tools, welding equipment, etc.
Acting as a facilitator/director for Southwest talent: the collective would provide facilities and services to artists/musicians/performers to assist them in assembling and executing variety shows. Do you have a skill that doesn’t necessarily fit within regular performance programming in the community that you would welcome an organized performance space and collaborative sphere for?
Center for Professional Development and Education: We might also offer professional development opportunities as a collective like access to information and consultants and mentor programs or guest artists and professionals, symposiums and workshops to provide information-education for artists, musicians and related educators. Could you see this being useful to yourself and/or our community of artists and musicians? Why or why not?
If you have any other suggestions for space usage, possible roles of the organization, or ways in which you could contribute, please include a summary with your submission. We very much welcome all suggestions.
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